Xmas Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

With the holiday season upon us, now is the time for last minute shoppers to scramble and find the perfect gift for their friends, family, and significant others. If you are looking for something for your girlfriend, then you may be wondering what she wants. Sure, you could go the cliche route and buy her some earrings or something, but, to be quite honest, anyone can do that.

Instead of doing something passe or trite, why not put some thought and emotion into your gift? Most, if not all, girls love it when their significant other gives them a gift that is meaningful and personal. A set of earrings is nice, but what if they were custom made just for her?

In the end, gifts that are special and unique will trump anything else, even if it’s kind of corny or less expensive than what someone else got her. Your relationship means something, so make sure that your Christmas gift does too.

With that in mind, here are ten gift ideas that she will go nuts over. If you’re in a hurry, we’ve marked the ones that can be perfect for last-minute Romeos. They have an Asterisk next to them.

Photo Album

Memories are to be shared and experienced over and over again. If you and your girl have had some wonderful times together, then hopefully you marked the occasion with a photo. Since selfies and social media are so prevalent, she most likely has a collection already curated and edited to make them as shareable as possible.

While digital pics are more convenient, physical images are much more meaningful. Print out some choice pictures of the two of you and put them in a beautiful photo album. The extra time that you spend in making the album will be appreciated, and she will definitely cherish it for all time.

Comfortable Shoes

No girl likes to walk around in high heels, which is why they are going out of fashion. Still, they do need something chic for going out on the town, but why do the best shoes have to hurt so much? If you want to do her a solid favor, find a pair of shoes that look amazing but won’t kill her feet. Or, if you have no fashion sense, any comfortable set will do. The more snug and wearable they are, the more she will love you for them.

Soft, Warm Blanket

Considering that winter is upon us, you should think about the season when picking out a gift for your girl. Most women have a hard time finding the right balance of cold to warm, which is why anything that can make them toasty will be much appreciated. Ideally, you will get her a snug blanket that has some kind of meaningful design (perhaps a picture of you two?), but if you don’t have time for that, just make sure that it is snug and in her favorite color. You do know her favorite color, don’t you?

Stuffed Animal

This one can be tricky, so be sure that your girlfriend likes stuffed animals before you go this route. If she doesn’t, then you might want to find something else. Thankfully, though, most girls out there appreciate a soft, plush animal, so you have a good chance that she will like it.

In this case, however, the trick is making it personal. Getting something that is unique to her is the key to making it work, so try to find a plush of her favorite fictional character or animal. For example, a stuffed Batman will be way better than a teddy bear (assuming that she likes Batman).  One favorite place for stuffed loveliness is at Squishables.com.

Box Subscription

If you want a gift that will keep on giving, then a box subscription is the way to go. Find out what kinds of things she’s interested (makeup, coffee, comic books) and find a monthly set that caters to that. This way, she will get monthly reminders of how much you love her, and you don’t even have to wrap anything.  A favorite for any girl is candy which you can get at the CandyClub.com.


If you want to make it extra special, then get her a monthly subscription of wine. If that’s not feasible, though, then a bottle of something that she loves will do just fine. But if she’s not a wine drinker, then get her a bottle of her favorite alcohol. And if she’s a teetotaler, then find something that she loves to drink and buy as much of it as you can.

Cooking Class

Even if neither of you likes to cook, taking a class together is a fantastic way to bond and share a delicious meal. Most of these classes are designed for couples, so try to find one that will cater to both of your tastes. For example, if you both love pasta, be sure to take a class where you will make some.

Romantic Adventure

Much like the cooking class, if you can book something exciting that both of you can do together, then she will appreciate it all the more. In this case, it doesn’t have to be super extravagant to win her heart, but it does have to be something that neither of you does normally (bonus points if she’s never done it). Whether it’s going in a hot air balloon or snorkeling in the ocean, booking an excursion is an excellent way to say “I love you.”

Personalized Jewelry

As we mentioned above, anyone can get your girlfriend some jewelry. So, if you want to go that route, make it count by either engraving it with something special or buying something unique that only she would like. That way you have a gift that will last forever and won’t get mixed up with her other pieces.

Handbag or Tote

Being a woman means that you have to be prepared for anything. That’s the real reason that they have purses, so they can have a full set of tools, just in case. If you want to get her something stylish and practical, then a decent handbag will be just the ticket. Just make sure that she likes the brand, and you’re golden.

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