Top Things to Do With Your Girlfriend on New Year’s Eve

Well, the end of the year is upon us, which means two things. First, you have to make plans for New Year’s Eve, and you have to start wondering what your resolutions will be. Hopefully, this year you resolved to spend more time with your girlfriend and show her how much she means to you. Assuming that you did, then we have ten things that you can do together to bring in the new year in style. Some of these are cost-effective, but if you want to go all out, we won’t stop you.

Romantic Dinner

If simplicity is more your game, then a quiet, romantic dinner will be just the ticket to show her how much you care. You can either make a reservation for a fancy restaurant or cook her a delectable meal and sit by the fireplace. Either way, make sure it’s intimate and personal.

Weekend Getaway

For those who want a bit more adventure in their lives, a weekend getaway can be an incredible way to start the new year. Make sure that it’s something that you both love, such as a cabin in the woods or a beachfront resort. It doesn’t have to be lavish, but it does have to be outside the norm. If you want to get bonus points, then keep it a complete surprise until the day before you leave (give the girl some time to pack, after all).

Starlit Excursion

Have you ever celebrated New Year’s Eve under the stars? It’s an excellent experience, and it will be all the better when you have your lovely girlfriend with you. If you both are a bit outdoorsy, then a hike to a tall peak will be a great way to countdown to midnight. If you want to make it even more special, bring a picnic basket and share a toast under the stars.

If you don’t live in an area with mountains (or hills), then find a secluded spot where you can camp out for a few hours. The key is to make it intimate and quiet so that you can enjoy the scenery without interruption.

Game Night

While romance and intimacy are all well and good, sometimes you just want to have fun and celebrate. If that’s the case, then invite some of your close friends and play the night away. Some good options for games include Twister, Catchphrase, and Charades, to name a few. Make sure that they are all fun and social, meaning that Settlers of Catan is out unless you all love playing it.

In addition to the games, be sure to have enough liquor and comfort food around. It’s your last chance to splurge before the new year, so make it count!


For most women, nothing compares to a night of dancing. No stress, no worries, just the music pumping through you. Thus, a great way to spend the holiday is to find a decent dance spot and groove your way into the new year. Bonus points if there is live music, as that is so much better than a DJ.


Another thing to do on New Year’s Eve is take a cruise.  Many cruise options are available for New Year’s Eve, and they are all incredible. If you’re near a body of water, there are typically dinner cruises available where you can head out onto the water for a few hours for food, drinks and dancing. Even if it doesn’t take you to a destination, spending the night out on the water with champagne in hand is a perfect way to start the new year.

Ice Skating

If you’re looking for something more cost-effective, a night of ice skating can be a fun and pleasant way to spend your time together. This is especially true if she is no good at skating, as it means that she will be clinging to you like a koala bear the whole time. As far as couples activities go, this is one of the best.

NYE Double Down

If you’ve never heard of this “tradition,” then don’t worry. Most people haven’t. The way it works is this: two people agree to make wagers on their new year’s resolutions. You set upon a number of resolutions and a dollar amount for each one. For example, you can resolve to lose ten pounds, and wager $100 that you will do it. Make sure that the amount wagered is enough to make you want to succeed. Thus, $10 won’t be as effective as $200.

The resolutions don’t have to be equal, but they should take about the same amount of time. Then, you come up with a deadline for each set of resolutions. Ideally, you will keep it to just a couple resolutions overall, but you can do as many as you want.

Once the deadline is reached (such as May 1st), then you both see if the other person has achieved their goal. If you both do it, then no one pays up. If one did, but the other didn’t, the loser pays the winner. If you both fail, then you each donate your money to charity.

It’s a fun way to incentivize your resolutions, and doing it with your girlfriend can make it even more competitive and exciting.

Resolution Proposal

Continuing with resolutions, you can go a more romantic route and come up with one that affects your girlfriend. For example, you can resolve to spend more time and energy towards her throughout the year. Once you’ve come up with your resolution, you can propose it to her, much like if you were asking for her hand in marriage. It’s a sweet way to show your commitment, and it will make a lasting impact.

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