Top 6 Personal Assistant Apps for Android Device

In this modern era, we are always busy with our personal and professional tasks. It may hard to manage your daily task schedule without an assistant. But it may not possible for most of the people to hire an assistant, right? Well, if you are the owner of an Android phone or tablet then you can convert it as a virtual assistant. You may know that, Siri is one of the most popular virtual assistant app for smartphones, but unfortunately Siri is only available for iOS user. But, still you can use your Android device as a virtual assistant with the help of a personal assistant app for Android. Most of the Android assistant apps are free for use. So in this post, I’m going to share some best and top personal assistant apps for Android. Hope, this list will help you find the perfect assistant for yourself.

Top Personal Assistant Apps for Android

  1. Cortana

cortanaThe Cortana is an ideal personal assistant app for the people who want organize and manage their tasks from both PC and Smartphone. Because Cortana is already popular virtual assistant in Windows platform. You can create your task schedule, meeting schedule, reminder etc. from PC or smartphone and sync easily. So you can easily keep in touch with your job.

Key Features

  • Make an appointment, send email or launch any app
  • Send text message or voice call through voice command
  • Get time and location notification
  • Track flight, stock market information, package etc.
  • Built-in notebook to create, view or edit notes
  • Control music, volume or device app
  • Download from Google Play
  1. Google Now

google-nowThe Google Now is a simple and most popular personal assistant app that pre-loaded on All Android devices. You can easily configure and use this assistant app to search information on the web. Launch any app, create reminders, take personal note and much more with possible with this simple assistant app.

Key Features

  • Swipe the home screen to active Google Now to find your desired information
  • Easy and quick access to find information
  • Send voice call or text message using voice commands
  • Speak naturally for voice commands
  • Find an app on Play Store or on your device
  • Download from Google Play
  1. Assistant

If you are looking for a functional assistant app to organize and manage your both personal and professional tasks, then the Assistant is the ideal one for you. The app comes with several unique features, user friendly interface and it’s easy to configure. The most attractive feature of this app is that it can understand and memorize your commands.


Key Features

  • Find locations, information, launch apps, set alarm, reminder etc.
  • Available in multiple language, so you can speak in your own language
  • Set alarm with a custom voice ringtone
  • Books flight and hotel
  • Built-in calculator and converter
  • Best assistant for shopping
  • Read news, Twitter Tweets, Facebook Status etc.
  • Built-in search option
  • Download from Google Play
  1. Dragon Mobile Assistant

dragon-mobile-assistantAnother popular and functional Android assistant app to complete your daily tasks easily and quickly. The app works with both voice and text commands. Like the other assistant app, the app also perfects to create a task schedule, reminder, alarm and much more.

Key Features

  • Send or receive voice calls, text message or email through voice commands
  • Update your Facebook Status or send tweets on Twitter
  • Make your own appointment and get alarmed
  • Get notified of upcoming events and meetings
  • Turn on or off your own assistant
  • Download from Google Play
  1. HOUND Voice Search & Assistant

houndThe HOUND is the best alternative of Google Now to find information on the web through voice command. You can also use Hound to manage your personal and business tasks by creating a task schedule, upcoming meeting/event list, reminder and alarm.

Key Features

  • Get weather and temperature update
  • Best assistant app to find local information and directory information
  • Find restaurant, bar and shop information
  • Search hotel and book directly using the app
  • Make voice calls or send text SMS
  • Download from Google Play
  1. Skyvi

skyviThe Skyvi is my last recommended personal assistant app for Android that consider as the best alternative of Siri. But the problem is that, this app not available in some country. All basic functions of assistant app available in this app, including creating a custom task schedule, reminder, alarm etc.

Key Features

  • Update Facebook Status and Twitter Tweets
  • Complete your tasks with fun
  • Control your favorite music
  • Simple and user friendly interface
  • Download from Google Play

Over to You

Making tasks with the help of Android device and some awesome apps is really a cool experience. It also saves our time and money. Hope, this list of top personal assistant apps for Android devices will help busy people to make their daily tasks easy and comfortable.

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