10 Things to Make for Your Girlfriend

The point at which all boys get worried and seek help of their sisters, friends etc. is how to make their girlfriend happy. Well I guess it’s a difficult job to make any girl happy but this is what boys think, girls are the sweetest creatures ever and melt with even a single rose, it’s very easy to make your girl happy but all you need to do is pay a little attention to them and their demands. There are many ways and things to make for your girlfriend, if you are not a good cook and don’t be worried you can impress your love one by just dimming the lights and lighting some candles on the table. Following are few tips for you to make your valentine even more beautiful and happy

Things to make for your girlfriend

Things to Make for Your Girlfriend

1. Girls love to read love notes for them:
If your girlfriend is angry and not talking to you then just leave a little cute love note for her in her car or at any work place , for you it will take a few seconds but for her it will brighten her day and will increase her oxytocin for you which will for sure increase her love for you. Read 

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2. Remember her small things:
Do try to remember little things of her life like names of her friends, her favorite dish, her favorite color and other small things. It makes her feel that you take so much interest in her life and you want to live with her forever.
3. Arrange a candle light dinner for her:
Try to arrange a dinner for her a surprise one, candle light dinner is a girls dream.
4. Watch her favorite shows:
Try to watch movies and shows which she likes, discuss the characters with her and take interest in her girlish discussion, don’t pretend that you are not interested it will make her mad at you.
5. Chocolates, roses and bear:
Every girl loves to have these things as a surprise gifts, as she opens from a sleep and see all these around her makes her happier. Always try to express your love through these little tricks it will make your life. These gifts are not very expensive but they mean a lot for a girl. There are also many cute things to draw for your girlfriend like you can make her sketch may it be bad still she will like and love it.
6. Notice little changes in her:
Always have a vigilant look on her and notice the changes in her, if you fail to do this then you are for sure in a big trouble, notice her hair cut praise it. Always note her dresses, shoes and eye shadows she wear and if any change occurs do notice it. Try to select things for her while shopping, discuss the things she likes to shop.
7. Hold her hand and have a long walk:
Don’t ever be shy in holding her hand in public, do it in a cute way trust me she will love it. Plan long walk in cold weather and talk to her about your future with her, it makes her trust you more.
8. Good morning and good night texts have gained importance:
This is something girl love to receive, it makes her feel that you day starts with her and ends with her. If you are not together keep on texting her it makes her happy and satisfied.
9. Plan a date:
Plan a date in any random restaurant, try to play together, adventure is I guess girls favorite because it helps her spend time with you. You don’t need to spend a lot on dinner; this little effort will melt her heart for you.

10. Be honest to her:
The best tip is try to be very honest to her it will make your relation very strong.

Hope this list of sweet and cute thing to make for your girlfriend will help you in future and you will not fall short of ideas on her birthday or on on valentines day this year.

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