5 Things You Must Practice In Life To Live With No Regrets

Suffering is a gift, in it is a hidden mercy.

Every person has a past and we all have some experience and memories that we don’t want to remember, but it’s difficult for us to forget them. Many times we wish that we had done a few things differently so our bad experience would never occur.
With the passage of time every person grows and learns from their mistakes, it doesn’t mean you should regret them. There are different ways of seeing a situation, even a negative situation can be seen with positivity. The way I see it, if we didn’t had those experiences, we wouldn’t be the strong and knowledgeable person we are today.

First, let’s talk about what “regret” is.
Regret is actually a negative emotional feeling that comes over a person in which they blame themselves for a wrong or bad outcome. The feeling of loss and sorrow is immense and the person wishes that somehow they could change back the choice or decision they made. For people who are young regret is a beneficial experience as they get to learn.
Here are five tips which you should practice to enjoy a regret free-life:


It’s very important to realize that people make mistakes everyone make mistakes. So it’s alright, there is no need to go hard on yourself, just learn from them forgive and move on. Forgiving is interlinking with realization. It’s important to understand what you are regretting and why you are regretting it. Regret comes when we expect more from ourselves or others so stop it and set yourself free.
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A Bad Relationship, Get Free from It

It’s not necessary that you regret about some past decision at times it’s your current situation that also makes you regret. Are you in a relationship? Is it the reason of stress in your life? Is this not the person you love? Well if you are in a relationship and close to the person but you are not happy and your life is stressed because of its them, then it’s time for you to walk away from it. I know it’s hard but that’s the only way you can save yourself from a regretful situation. Don’t think about your current attachment think about your long-term happiness.

Use Your Mind On Positive Things

Let the bygones be bygones, what is done is done, use your energy on positive things, stop thinking of the past there is no point of thinking about it and wasting your precious time and energy in the present. Use your energy on positive things and bring a change in your life try to do things that you like and make you happy.

Be Yourself

Many people are not happy with their life as they make choices in their life of not being who they really want to be. This happens due to lack of decision power, it’s your life live it your ay don’t let others make that decision for you. Liv your life to your fullest, it belongs to you not someone else, so you have every right to make your decisions and be yourself.
You Are Important Not Money

Half of the problems and regrets come because of money issues. It’s important to understand that your self-satisfaction, happiness is far more important than money. So if you are not happy with your income, you job, your co-workers or boss then don’t waste your further energy, remember it’s your company’s duty to keep you satisfied in order for you to keep them satisfied and if that’s not happening then it’s time for a job hunt.
Remember live your life without regrets everything happens for a reason.

Author Bio.

Briana Taylor works for Custom Stitchersa as a senior editor, which Ecommerce retailing shop that offers online custom designing module where user can easily design their custom made dress shirts. she loves to cover social, style, eterprenuership and fashion topics. In her spare time she loves to read books and jog in the local park listening to her favorite playlist.


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