10 Surprise Gift Ideas For Your Partner

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What are you planning for your special someone? If you are planning to do something special and extraordinary for that special someone then our ideas will prove to be really helpful to you.
Scroll down to know surprise gift ideas for your loved one. These gift ideas will make their day for sure.

surprise gift ideas
Surprise gift ideas for him:

1. Coupons in a Jar:
Take a mason jar and fill it with love coupons for him. Tell him to use one every day. We recommend coupons for the massage, fixing his favorite dinner or watching his favorite movie.
2. Plan a picnic for him:
Plan a surprise picnic for him. Pick his favorite picnic spot followed by his favorite meal.
3. DIY photo album:
Create your very own photo album. Collect all your pictures with him and put them in a beautiful album. Gift him this album on Valentine’s Day and see the spark in his eyes.
4. Why love you notes:
Take different colored papers and write 100 reasons of loving him and pack them in a pretty box. He will cherish each and every reason.

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5. Play with balloons:
Take lots of colored balloons and place love quotes in each of them. Blow them up and leave them on his bed when he is gone. Tell him to pop up the balloons to read the love messages. This idea works every time.

Surprise gift ideas for her:

1. Flowers for her:
Give her a dozen red roses. This classy and traditional gift idea can make anyone’s day in no time. Add a little love note to add an extra charm to the gift. Leave the bouquet in her bedroom and wait for her reaction.
2. Wrist watch with a message:
Buy a watch for her and write a note saying “I always have time for you”. Leave the wrist watch for her in her car.
3. Romantic dinner:
Plan a romantic dinner for her. Try to cook her favorite dish to let her know that how much you love her.

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4. Sing for her:
Take her to the bar near you. Amaze her by singing her favorite song in front of everyone. Tell her how much special she is for you. This will make her very happy.
5. Blindfold her:
Go to her house and surprise her. Then blind fold her and take her to her favorite spot. Spend few hours with her and present her with a romantic gift. She will never forget that evening for sure.
So these are some surprise gift ideas which are pretty simple and inexpensive but they have the power to make someone’s day. Show love and respect to your partners and have a happy life ahead.

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