Strength Training Guide: Back to Basics

strength trainingWHAT IT IS AND WHERE TO START?

So you’re new to the gym and don’t know where to start? Not sure which equipment to use or what exercise to perform? Stick around we will break down everything you need to know about strength training.

First of all, what is strength training? There are three types of exercising. Aerobic exercises also known as cardiovascular exercises, anaerobic exercises or strength training and flexibility. Strength training is any form of activity in which with the help of any kind of resistance we create muscle contraction. So pull ups, bench press, squat, deadlifts, shoulder press and so many more. Strength training is the base of many sports including bodybuilding, calisthenics, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and also is used as a secondary weapon for sports such as football, boxing, MMA, basketball and so on.

In the next few paragraphs we will break down most common dilemmas, questions and every important fact about this kind of workouts! So if you’re looking to create new healthy habits, change your workout routine, improve physical appearance, become a better, stronger and faster self or simply improving general health, this article is exactly what you need!

Why should I apply strength training in my weekly routine?

This is a common question when it comes down to trying something new. Why should I? We all know that any kind of exercising in general can and will bring positive results into our lives. So, what makes strength training different, what makes it special?

  • Improving general physical and mental health. Like I said it’s pretty clear to us that any kind of exercising can improve our general health. What strength training can provide is stronger muscles, stronger support for joints reducing the chance of every day injuries, stimulates the cardiovascular system (not as much as cardiovascular training), lowers cholesterol levels and high blood pressure as well as improving posture and balance.
  • Better physical appearance. This one is the most obvious reason of all. Who doesn’t want to look better and more attractive? Something about those wide shoulders, tiny waist and bulging arms that make the ladies lock eyes on us. Or for us fellas what’s better than a tiny waist and a curvy butt on the women? Whether it’s adding size, losing fat, losing weight or getting a leaner toner body, strength training is the way to go!
  • General strength. Come on, who doesn’t want to be strong? By using resistance to train your muscles they will soon get used to that resistance meaning they will become stronger and more capable. If that bag of groceries was heavy before, after a few sessions of deadlifting and curling, try again.

Like I already mentioned above, in different sports such as football, soccer, basketball, handball, boxing and so on strength training is used as a secondary weapon meant for athletes to improve their skills on the field, ring or court.

Where should I start?

So you’ve already decided that you want to start with strength training, the only problem now is: Where do you start from? There a few things you need to do before.

First what you need is to set a goal. You must have a certain fitness or health goal before starting, whether it’s losing weight, gaining weight, gaining muscle, getting stronger and so on.

Once you’ve found your goal you can start with the second step. Create or find a workout program. Never go to the gym without a plan. “Oh, I’ll just go and do whatever I feel like doing.” No, forget that. Yes you can have that mind set when you’re looking for a way to lose some time or get out of the house. Not if you want serious results.

Also what I think is important is getting to know the equipment, and pros and cons of using them. Unless you choose to train with your own bodyweight the main equipment that you’ll be using are: barbells, dumbbells and weight machines (smith, cable machines and so on). A pull up bar and dip station is also included.

What types of exercises should I be doing?

Depends on what your fitness goals are those are the types of exercises and workouts you should be applying. When trying to lose weight/fat and gain muscle endurance higher reps, higher intensity and little rest will do the trick. When training to add a decent size and strength gain a combination of high and low reps (focus on low reps), heavy sets and more rest between sets.

There are three exercises that you should include in your training no matter what. Those are the golden three bench press, squat and deadlifts. Why those three? Unlike other exercises these three are the ultimate upper or lower body strength tester. These three exercises when done with proper form are a true way to get some decent muscle size as well as strength and power.

Numbers of studies have shown that exercises like squats and deadlifts are also a natural way to boost your testosterone levels which is the main key to getting big! Proper form is crucial, stop lifting with your ego!

As a beginner you need to start with 3-4 training days per week with full-body routines (lighter weight or bodyweight), until your body can adjust to working out. Use compound exercises such as the golden three, shoulder press, chin ups and so on. Compound exercises are those who include more muscle groups to be activated when performing it. From there adjust your training routine according to your fitness goal!

Remember: Great things take time! Rome was not built in a day! Train hard, eat healthier and rest. The results will come.

About Author:

Matiss Stein, CEO and Founder of best testosterone booster reviews website – I am a 21 years old fitness enthusiast and I am always looking for new ways to improve my body. I am from Latvia, who is studying in Denmark but currently doing student exchange program in Spain. My interests are in Business, Marketing, Advertising and Sales. Commercially focused, innovative and energizing character with strengths in relationship building and communication skills.

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