How Social Media Addiction Can Ruin Your Relationship

Social Media Addiction

Social Media Addiction… Did you know that almost half of all Brits admitted to have sneaked into their partner’s Facebook account? A survey showed that one in seven of the surveyed people said they thought about divorce because of their partner’s behavior on social media.

What conclusion should we make? If you want to preserve your marriage or relationship, don’t break into your partner’s social media account? That would be a naive thing to say.

Of course we shouldn’t violate the privacy of the one we love. But, let’s take a deeper look into the issue: if Facebook can ruin our relationship, why don’t we get away from it? Why do we keep staring at screens?

It’s because of our human nature. We are naturally curious, so we want to see what our friends are doing. Then, we check the friends of our friends and we end up looking at people we don’t even know.

We’re constantly posting links, photos and status updates because we’re after social affirmation. On a good day, we get enough likes and comments to feel appreciated. How does that behavior affect the relationship with our partners? More seriously than we assume.

How Social Media Addiction Ruins Our Relationships

We Get Too Curious… in the Wrong Way

We have a natural instinct to explore the environment and wonder. In modern daily life, we’re using that natural instinct completely differently. When you see your partner glued down to the tablet every single day, you want to know what they are doing. From this point of view, it’s not unnatural to be curious.

But, here’s a paradox for you to contemplate over: social media sparks our curiosity to find out more about other people’s lives, but we lose the good kind of curiosity somewhere along the way. As we’re catching up with friends, we forget to ask our partner how they spent their day.

Social Media Makes Us Jealous

If you check what your partner is doing on Facebook, you won’t like everything. There are couples fighting over a single like. It’s not pleasant to see them talking to other people behind your back. Do you know why they were doing that? For the same reason that made you break into their profile – curiosity.

Maybe your partner isn’t doing anything wrong on social media. Maybe you won’t be troubled by the likes and comments they exchange with friends from college. You will, however, be jealous because you see them spending more time on Facebook than on real conversations with you.

Social Media Disconnects Us from Reality

When you’re both addicted to social media, how are you spending your weekends? Are you wasting hours on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook while your partner is doing the same thing on a different screen? You may think this is a completely innocent thing to do. You’re only chatting with friends on Facebook Messenger and looking at nice recipes on Pinterest.

The real name for this behavior, however, is negligence. You’re neglecting each other, and your relationship cools down sooner or later. Do you spend enough time talking, laughing, cooking, and watching movies together? Do you have long conversations about your beliefs like you did at the beginning of the relationship? If all those activities suffer because of your inner urge to post a tweet, you have a serious problem.

So What? No Social Media for Us?

You don’t have to abandon all social media accounts and live an offline life. That’s not necessary, unless you feel like that’s what you need to do. These websites can be useful because they connect us with friends and families. They basically connect us with the world. It’s easier to meet like-minded people on Facebook than it is in real life. As long as our activity on social media is healthy, there’s no problem.

However, we have to know our limits. It’s not okay to get too curious about people’s lives. It’s not okay to chat with ex-partners behind the back of our current ones. It’s not cool to hack into our partner’s profile. If you’re having doubts about their activities on social media, have an honest conversation. Healthy relationships are based on trust and respect. Most of all, they are based on a deeper connection, which social media addiction can suffocate. Do use it, but don’t get addicted to it!

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Laura Buckler is a writer for essay service and mother of one who enjoys posting photos of cats falling down on Facebook. She is a contributor to various blogs on relationships between people, their behavior in society and other useful information. Follow her on twitter.

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