How To Save Your Acrylic Nails From Fungus

Millions of women across the planet paint their nails with acrylic enhancement to make them look more attractive and trendy. From fibre, silk to gel nails, Acrylic nails are a beauty to behold.

acrylic nailsHow long do they stay on?

There are different opinions regarding this query but the general consensus is that alongside regular maintenance and a healthy lifestyle, you can keep your acrylic nails for months. Acrylic nails often last for a period of 1 to 2 weeks before they go derelict without sufficient maintenance. But there have been some cases where women have been able to keep them without inviting trouble for almost 4 weeks.

On an overall, acrylic nails (or fake nails as some use to call them) can last somewhere between 3 to 4 months with proper maintenance and regular fillings.

Why is maintenance necessary after a couple of weeks?

Particularly for two reasons. Namely, overgrowth and potential damage. You nails are on a constant path of growth and over time gaps will emerge between your fake nails and the live one. Thus you need an  update, or what we call “fillings” (that’s regular maintenance)

The second reason would be, that you aren’t in bed all day doing nothing. You could be out hitting the gym or shopping for a new pair of gucci’s. Regardless, there are plenty of ‘accidents’ waiting to happen should your nails scratch an object or even tend to break. And that’s a disaster waiting to happen! These sorts of damages happen on a regular basis and unless you clearly know what you are doing, i recommend letting a salon professional do the maintenance part.

Sure, Acrylic nails do look spectacular and are durable compared to natural nails. Though after a couple of weeks, they tend to loose their sheen with lack of maintenance. But what happens when disaster strikes?

Can acrylic nails be damaged?

Acrylic enhancements are applied over natural nails to beautify their appearance. But if you don’t maintain them on a weekly basis, they are likely to chisel off and possibly damage the nail bed. However the most harmful problem with damaged acrylic nails can be onychomycosis, better known as fungus.

Acrylic nails aren’t infected by fungus bacteria, but they do attract them to hitch on between the joints of the fake and natural nails. When the joints aren’t maintained with care, water tends to carry bacteria deep into the tiny crevices across your nails and implant these fungus. These fungus continue to grow across the nails and lead them to losing sheen and often shatter into bits. The primary reason of concern is that the symptoms can be identified until the infection has begun.

“Is there a way to save my nails?”

Fungal infection is an unpleasant problem that plagues many, but with sufficient precautionary measures you can defend against such an affliction.

When you do spot such an infection, remove all acrylic nails.

Regardless of how many nails have been infected, it’s paramount that you remove all fake nails by a seasoned specialist or doctor to further check your assumption’s validity. Once you do, have the nails cut short to appropriate lengths and have the fungus cleared.

Ensure you don’t repaint or add acrylic nails for a certain period or until the doctor specifies. Consult your doctor’s prescription and have medicines in the appropriate times as prescribed.

The remnants of the fungal infection will take anywhere from 6 months to a year to be fully eradicated but you can spot improvements right after 8 weeks.

Maintain your daily hygiene and if you are still eager to try on the latest trendy acrylic coating or nails, consult a specialist or a doctor before putting them on.

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