Relationship issues are a constant in life no matter how old you are or how old your relationship is. We endeavor to work through these issues and help you navigate through them as best we can.  Sometimes you need help coming up with the right words - sweet words, cute words, naughty words even. Other times, it's about what to do - if you're unsure of where your relationship is going; if friends aren't approving; or how to move things to the next level.  And then there are times you need ideas on how to celebrate anniversaries or birthdays; what gifts to get for specific occasions; what activities to do or fun vacations to go on.  Good relationships are what we all want and there's no reason we can't all be in one.  Relationships make life's journey better and more rewarding. It will take hard work and empathy and compromise to make a go of it.  And you will get love and support and understanding in return.  Let's get there together!

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