New Year’s Resolutions for a Successful Relationship

Now that we’re on the cusp of a new year, many of us will start to make a list of resolutions. Sure, each other year we abandon them as soon as they take up more time than we thought, but this year will be different!

Well, it can be, if you go about it the right way. One of the best methods for sticking to any kind of lifestyle change or plan is to do it with someone else. If you have a significant other, then now is the perfect time for both of you to help each other with your resolutions. Better yet, make some that affect you as a couple.

This year, make an effort to be more inclusive and share more quality time together. Here are ten different resolutions that can make that happen.

Go Outdoors More Often

Now, if you are already an outdoorsy couple, then this obviously doesn’t apply to you. However, if your idea of going outside is to mow the lawn, then you should plan to take some excursions on a regular basis. Hiking, skiing, or a romantic picnic are all excellent choices, and being together in nature will help you bond, not to mention keep you in shape.

Cook Together

Too often we forgo cooking a meal and instead order in. If you guys are going out or getting delivery most of the time, then you’re overdue for a change. Even if neither of you knows how to cook very well, take a couple of classes together so you can learn the basics. Then, you should plan to cook at least a couple of nights a week to start. To make it even better, plan your meals ahead and then go shopping together.

Plan a Romantic Vacation

Hopefully, you guys have taken a few trips together already. But in this case, make it something bold and exciting. Even if it takes more than a year to save enough money, plan a trip that will knock both of your socks off. A cruise to the Caribbean, a week in Fiji, or something else remarkable will be just the ticket to add some flavor to your life. Just make a financial plan and stick to it as much as possible.

Be More Attentive

After we get settled in with someone, it becomes too easy to take them for granted. This year, make a resolution that you will thank your significant other more often. Another way to show your love is to steal kisses throughout the day. A long, passionate kiss before work or while one of you is doing the dishes is a great way to bring some joy into your relationship where there would otherwise be malaise. Resolve to make little efforts all the time, and they will add up.

Get in Shape Together

For most of us, a better body is a resolution that we make every year. This time, however, vow to start exercising together. This will not only give you the incentive to stay on track, but you can motivate each other to start eating healthier and exercise more. If you’re afraid to tell your significant other that you both should work out, then make it seem like you need his or her help to keep you motivated.

Go Out with Other Couples

If you find that you two only go out together, then now is the time to find some other couples with which you can do things. Having a few good pairs of friends is a great way to expand your social circle, and it allows you to do things that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do. For example, a weekend getaway is much more affordable if split four ways instead of two. If you’re having a hard time meeting new people, sign up for some couples activities and don’t be afraid to open up.

Take Dance Lessons

Speaking of couples activities, this is a fantastic way to spend your time together. Even if you think that you have two left feet, dance lessons will help you find your groove in no time. As long as you are both patient with each other, then this can add some pep to your step in more ways than one.

Learn a New Skill Together

Do you know how to change a car tire? Can you fix your plumbing if there is a problem? Too many of us are reliant on others to fix whatever is broken, so why not learn to do it yourself? If that seems too mundane, then learn something exciting, like a new language or how to build something with your hands. The learning process will be much better with both of you involved, and it will strengthen the bond between you.

Try New Places

Do you feel like you’re in a rut? Are you guys going to the same restaurants and locations all of the time? It’s natural to settle into a pattern, but this year vow to try something new every once in a while. To get started, pick someplace that you both have wanted to try (like a new restaurant) and choose a date to go. Then, be sure to go somewhere brand new every month, so you don’t fall back into old habits.

Be More Mindful of Chores

If one of you is doing more chores around the house than the other, resentment can build up over time. Even if he or she says that it’s okay, the fact is that it will eventually come to a head and your significant other will no longer want to keep doing it. So, this year, vow to help out more, and be insistent if they push back. Also, be sure to let your SO that you’re doing it out of love, not because you don’t appreciate his or her effort anymore. This way, things will be more even, and you won’t have to worry about a blow-up later on.

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