Nail Design Ideas – Designs That Are Actually Easy

Nail Design Ideas
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Nail design ideas involves applying color for your nails to create them more beautiful and appealing. The usage of color is procedural and follows some pointers.

1. The toothbrush should not be overloaded and keep in mind that ideal results are obtained with thin layers of polish.

2. Start brushing from the midst of the nail towards the tip, leaving approximately 1mm from the cuticle.

3. Then finish nail polishing about the sides and when you complete, allow the nails dry.

Techniques of employed in nail design ideas include dots, strokes, teardrops and curled strokes.

Dots are designed utilizing a detailing pen. A pen is positioned on the nail and light-weight pressure is used and removed. Large and small dots could be created employing the same procedure.

Strokes may be parallel or tapered. Tapered stoke is done by quick flicking action with all the brush on the nail surface. An ordinary stroke is created by moving the comb slowly on the nail using gentle pressure.

To make teardrops on your nails, apply little pressure on the brush to spread the hairs for the required size, then slowly move the brush forward while releasing pressure to succeed slowly along the desired length. Comma shapes can be produced this way.

Curled strokes includes C, S and swirls. Because name implies, each stroke resembles its name, and they’re made by moving the comb over the path of each letter, to create C or S stroke. The strokes might be joined on the ends to create a pattern. Swirls however are built by brushing the nail in a expanding circular motion using light pressure to form a pattern.

As well as nail design ideas, it is usually vital that you wet the polish using glitter. It may be applied to the entire top of the nail or selected sections. You can also apply some rhinestone jewels to accomplish the actual required outlook of your respective nails as the polish is wet.

The Normal Nail Design Ideas

Paw Print Nail Designs
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1. Paw print – 1mm in the cuticle and center of the nail, make use of the base colour, and proceed outwards. Allow it dry for some time. Using white nail pen about the nail, squeeze it making large dot by moving the pen in circular manner at the point. Make several dots at different sections in the nails. Finally make three dots above the larger dots and give it time to dry and take care of by applying topcoat of your liking.

Zebra Nail Designs
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2. Zebra – Starting 1mm from cuticle and center of the nail, brush the nails with white polish. Use black polish to color about three stripes from to certainly left and allow it to dry. The stripes decrease density throughout the width in the nail. Make other stripes from opposite side and allow them to dry. Finally, use a cocktail stay with push a jewel into the tacky polish.

Flower Nail Designs
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3. Flower – Starting 1mm from cuticle and center of the nail, make use of the base color. Paint the nail using the method of teardrop, and finished the pattern by causing three more teardrops to become a petal. Use black pen to produce a dot at the center, and earn leaves using green polish by teardrop technique.

Silver with black swirls
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4. Silver with black swirls – Starting 1mm from cuticle and core nail, polish base color. Using black nail, create swirls of desired shape applying little pressure. Make the pattern density desired and allow it to cure/dry.

The 4 techniques forma the bases of nail design ideas from which other formats can be derived.

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