5 Key Traits Men Adore In Women

Attraction toward the opposite gender is not a new thing. It started with the birth of Adam and eve. There are certain elements or traits which men absolutely adore about women. When they see those traits in a woman, they go head over heels over her.

If you do not know those traits, then scroll down to find key traits men adore in women:

Key Traits Men Adore In Women

  1. When You Both Smile:

He loves the way he smiles like an idiot when he think about you when you do something adorable for him.

Imagine him stress out from work or feeling sick. If you will show up from nowhere to take care of him, he will respect that intention.

Similarly, we love when he successfully makes you smile. He feels like he has achieved some trophy and now he is king of the world. The true man loves to see a smile on his woman’s face especially when he is the source of that smile.

  1. He Loves Being Close To You:

A man loves to be near her woman. Like when you two are walking on the beach holding hands… that’s the best feeling for him. Physical touch makes you feel connected with somebody else both mentally and exotically.

He loves when you get old his hand or hug him. It makes him feel that he is being loved by someone.

  1. When He Notices You Looking At Him:

Man are also human beings and they deserve equal chances of being wanted just like girls.

Imagine yourself with your man on a crowded party. When he will notice you looking at him in a crowd, he will feel out of this world. This simple glace can make him feel so special.

He will get the feeling that you are giving equal affection and love to him.

  1. He Loves That Sense Of Humor Of Yours:

He simply goes crazy over your stupid and funny acts which you might not even notice. Maybe he loves the way you show you anger or maybe he loves the way you roll your eyes while talking to him. Maybe he loves the way you messes up with your makeup.

Whatever you are doing, you are doing it naturally and unintentionally but he is there to notice all your small acts because he loves you, and you are his center of attention. Read: Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

  1. When You Advise Him:

By advice, we do not mean some serious piece of advice about life and death. Your advice can be small and simple but it is full of worth and value for him.

For instance, when you guys go out for shopping and you suggest him clothes, he loves it.

He feels that you care for him and you know his choices. When somebody is in love with you, they truly listen to you and respect your suggestions and advice.

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