Importance Of Staying Hydrated

A person can live without food for about 3 weeks but with the water it is some other story. Do you know that mahatma Gandhi survived for 21 days without eating anything? Well if you think that you only need air, oxygen and food to survive then you are so wrong. A person on average can only live for a week without drinking water. From here we can clearly conclude the importance of staying hydrated. Water acts as a lubricant for our joints and muscles. It works exactly in the same manner as oil does for a machine. Summers are the time when dehydration occurs. The answer to how to avoid dehydration is in drinking 8 glass of water daily.

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Importance of staying hydrated

Importance Of Staying Hydrated

  • Cleanse the body

Drinking 8 glasses of water is mandatory but it has a reason behind it. Let’s take an example of a dirty mirror which has a lot of dust on it. When you wash it with water it gets clean and then you are able to see yourself in a much better way. Exactly in the same manner water works for body. It washes all the organs and removes toxins from the body.

  • Adds glow to your skin

No matter how expansive skin care products you apply on the skin but if your water intake is below average, your skin will not look fresh. On the other hand if you drinking 8 glass of water in a day then your skin will be brighter and wrinkle free.

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  • Lubricates the joints

If you are not drinking enough water then a time will come that your joints are more likely to get damages. A fluid surrounds the joints which prevent the friction but if you are not drinking enough water the fluid will decrease in its amount and will result in friction. This friction will lead to disorders related to joints.

  • For proper brain functioning

In the presence of water the biological reaction occur without any complication. Water also helps in the better absorption of nutrients inside the body. This will improve the functioning of brain and it will also enhance the memory. This is indeed one of the very important benefits of staying hydrated

  • Reduce weight

Do you know that water helps you to lose weight? Well yes it is absolutely correct. Water curbs your unnecessary desire to eat. Water also scavenges the stored fat. Researches have stated that the people who drink ample water are skinnier than those who drink less water.

  • Kidney function

Water is very important for the proper functioning of kidney. You might have observed that in summers the water is excreted from your body in the form of perspiration and with that if your water intake is less, kidney problems take place. This is all because of improper water intake.

In short, water is equally important for our body as air, oxygen and food are and the Importance of staying hydrated cannot be denied.

If you are interested in facts and figures about hydration, then please have a visit here.


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