How to Turn Your Girlfriend On

How to turn your girlfriend on.  For most guys, all it takes to get our motor running is a little skin and a seductive look.

However, although women are certainly more susceptible to arousal than we might think, they are much less obvious about it.

Overall, the primary difference between the sexes is that while men wear their sexual preferences on their sleeve, women tend to play it closer to the chest.

As such, many men are somewhat befuddled by what can turn women on, which is why so many of them try various tactics, seeing what sticks.

Fortunately, you don’t have to fumble your way through the art of seduction, since we’ve provided a blueprint for you to follow.

Before we begin, however, there are a few ground rules to remember.

  • First, if she rejects your advances, stop immediately. This cannot be stressed enough
  • Second, every woman is different, so if one method isn’t working, try something else. Just as you may have particular tastes, so does she.
  • Finally, if you’re going to work hard to turn a woman on, be sure to deliver. There’s nothing worse than a guy who can get her motor running without finishing the job

Step One: Be Confident

Your mindset is the place to start.

Confidence is something that’s kind of hard to master for some guys.

On the one hand, confidence is sexy, and women usually respond well to it.

But, if you go too far in that direction, you wind up in cocky territory.

The best way to describe it is that you know what you want and you’re going after it without any apologies.

And if what you want is the girl in front of you then, she’ll be a little turned on.

Again, if she spurs your advances, don’t assume that she’s playing hard to get.

However, if she’s a little playful about it, then it could be a sign that it’s working.

Another key to confidence is not getting aggressive with it.

You’re in charge, but you also respect her feelings.

Above all, don’t force something to happen; let it flow naturally.

If you’re still new to the experience, then here is when “fake it till you make it” comes into play.

As long as you act confident you can usually get away with it.

She will probably be able to tell, but if you don’t mention anything, neither will she.

Step Two: Use Your Hands

The critical thing here is to be firm but gentle.

Your hands should be an extension of your confidence.

If you’re trembling or hesitant, then that can be a big turn-off.

What you want to remember is that your hands are being used sensually.

That means that you don’t want to grope her, but rather tease her a little bit.

Massaging certain areas like the shoulders or the feet can give a strong signal without being too overbearing.

As the mood shifts towards the erotic, you want to gently move towards the areas of most pleasure.

Use your fingers and create a more tactile sensation.

The key strategy here is to create a tingling feeling without tickling her.

It’s a fine line to tread, so just be aware of it.

Finally, your hands should feel firm and masculine.

This means that once things are getting revved up that you are a little more controlled.

Rather than delicately stroking her thigh with your fingers, you start to use the whole hand to rub the inside, making your way North.

Women want to feel like they are being taken in the throes of passion, so that’s the kind of mood you’re going for.

Again, not forceful, but confident.

Step Three: Kissing

Her lips are only one part of her body that you should focus on.

There are so many other erogenous zones that you’re really doing yourself a disservice by ignoring them.

Hands, legs, shoulders, and the rest of her body are all fair game.

However, don’t just randomly start pecking her.

Instead, follow an invisible trail. For example, start on her hands and make your way up her arm to the face.

The neck is a critical area, particularly when things are just getting started.

Most women love getting kissed on the neck, and it’s a strong signal of where you want to go without getting too specific.

Finally, the other thing to remember is that kissing should be integral to the final act as well.

Don’t stop paying attention to the different parts of her body just because you’re engaged with the one that you want the most.

Bonus Tip: Building Anticipation

This is a tactic that you should use only after you’ve delivered the goods.

You want to make sure that she knows what to expect from you so that it can make your strategy work better in your favor.

In this case, one surefire way to turn her on is to tease the idea of sex without following through.

A passionate kiss or a warm embrace can get things started, but then you leave or drop the subject just as quickly.

What this does is build a sense of longing and yearning.

By turning her on slightly and then leaving her hanging, she’ll start to think more and more about it.

The anticipation is a huge part of getting her going, so if you can spread it out throughout the day that can be huge.

In most cases, if you’ve been teasing her all day, by the end of it she’ll be ravenous for you.

This will only heighten the sense of passion that you both experience.

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