How Social Media Can Affect Your Relationship

social media affect relationshipSocial media is such a large phenomenon in modern culture that it has entered every aspect of our daily lives. And one thing that social media might be negatively affecting is our personal relationships.

With so much of our private lives now on display, there’s a great chance that either you or your loved one might be inappropriately using social media and undermining your relationship in one way or another.

Here’s a list of six ways you might not realize your social media life might be negatively affecting your relationship:

Inappropriate Activity Might Be Going On

The first red flag you should look out for is any sign of inappropriate activity. You might not realize that you might be liking material or photos that can be making your partner a little jealous. Remember that your activities can usually appear on any of your follower’s feed, and if you are not careful you can be setting yourself up for some serious trouble.

While making new friends is generally a good thing, you should always be considerate of your partner’s emotions. Some people might be trying to connect with old flings or random people they may find attractive. So always be mindful of what your activity might be implying.  Perception becomes reality.

You Might Be Keeping Things Too Private

While it is generally a good idea to keep your personal life private, especially in such a medium that can spread virally, you might be guilty of being too private.

Take relationship statuses on Facebook or popular dating applications. If you are hesitating to change your status from “single” to “in a relationship” you might be sending a non-too-subtle message that you aren’t taking the relationship seriously.

When you are happy about being in a relationship with someone you usually want to shout it from the rooftops. So if you’re being to private about your personal relationship – not wanting others to know something so simple – you are basically saying that you are keeping your options open.

There’s Too Much Public Display of Affection

Now in contrast to too much privacy, you might actually also be guilty of too much PDA (public display of affection). Do you think you’re posting too much information? Sometimes this is a sign that you might be overcompensating for anything that is lacking in your personal relationship.

And the act of too much PDA might even be keeping you from fixing any issues you might have. This isn’t always the case, however, because there are many couples that really do enjoy putting their personal lives on display. But if you find yourself in a situation where you are unhappy and trying to put up a false front, you might seriously need to reconsider your situation.

You Might Be Seeking Attention from Others

If you spend your days constantly posting pictures of yourself or articles to gain attention from others, you might want to have a second look at what your behavior might be suggesting. You should always make your significant other feel fulfilled and you probably aren’t doing this if you are constantly seeking approval from people who shouldn’t matter nearly as much. To give your partner a confidence boost, spend more time on their sites liking their material rather than on your own.

It’s Always Getting in the Way of Conversation

It should be obvious that your social media activities can be quite a problem for your relationship if it’s taking over your life. Just think about how distracted you might be as you find your time on a social media site is more important than actively and sincerely conversing with your partner. Don’t get obsessed with virtual reality and lose sight of what is present, and real, right in front of you.

There’s Just Too Much Suspicious Activity

We’ve all heard the famous saying – “a picture is worth a thousand words” – but it’s even more true when social media is involved. Anything you post can cause suspicion if it’s even slightly misunderstood. So, be careful about what you post – especially if it can be misleading.

You might not enjoy seeing your partner in compromising situations, so then why should you do the same thing. Don’t put yourself in the position to make your partner feel uncomfortable in any way and you’ll prevent any unwanted suspicion.   

When writing this we consulted a number of quality articles and sought the advice from people who have been in the above situations. Social media simply makes it too simple for bad people to get away with cheating or ruining their relationships in other ways.

About the Author:

Bria Pierce is freelance writer with a deep passion for traveling and personal development. She believes in the power of motivation as well as hard work as keys to success. Bria cannot imagine her life without writing so it’s her occupation, her hobby and her way of living. Visit her website and follow her on twitter.

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