10 Games To Play With Kids

 Games are the best way to spend some quality time with your child. Enormous benefits are attached to playing games with your children, like personality development, mental and physical strength, safety as he is not going out to play and above all strong bondage between you and your kids. A research have shown that those children who have spent more time with their parents developed good habits and have become very successful professional. Here in this article we have brought a small list of games to play with kids.

Games to play with kids

Games to Play with Kids at Home

If you are at home and your child is becoming restless and you have no idea how to cater him or calm him down then this article will for sure help you. In such situation try to play some indoor games with your child that will make him happy and calm.

Play some pencil and paper games:

Instead of making your child watch TV and destroy his eyes make him use his skills and strength his focus. Give your child a paper and pencil and ask him draw different objects for you then appreciate him, and draw flowers and hearts for him as well, this will help increase your child attention and love for you.

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Blocks for playing:

Blocks are the best things to play with your child; it helps develop the gross movements of your child. They are also available in the market and are very cheap. Other than blocks posticks, card towers, making pillow are the new idea.

Games of cards:

Playing good cards game is another good thing to do with your child. You can find many children friendly cards (cards which are made only for child) so try to make them busy in such activities.

Puzzles and scrabbles:

Both of these indoor games are easily available in the market, and both are good for mental development of your child. Scrabbles help improve a child vocabulary and learning strength whereas puzzle help him identifying many things like how to fix broken things , color matching, identifying images which are scattered etc.

Treasure hunt:

It is also a good game. It is human nature that he always wants to have reward of his effort so this treasure hunt is the best game for your child. Hide any gift in the house and then ask your child to find it. Appreciate him and award same gift as a prize to him on successful completion of the task. This will develop his personality.

Games to Play with Kids Outside:

Indoor games are good when there is no other option to go out, but you should prefer playing more out door games because it helps develop you physical and mental abilities. Here numerous games could be mentioned for your kids staring from the simple to the difficult one.

Visit amusement park:

Always try to take your child out on weekends. Take them to the amusement parks, where they could enjoy all the new swings and carts. Also join your child in his fun activities and play and jump with him. You definitely have to spend some money on such activities but it is worth the spending.

Help Them Make a Bird Feeder:

Build a bird feeder with your child. It will not only gather sweet birds outside your home but also will bring amusement and happiness on kids face. Just take a paper roll and a card board, cut it into a hose and sprinkle seeds over it. Hang your invention with a rope on a tree and enjoy the results.

Bubble making:

Another good idea is to make bubbles with your child, it’s not even expensive and you will enjoy it to the peak. Just take a broad mouth bottle and mix water and soap in it , take a stick and make a loop of any spring in your backyard then make bubbles out of it, this will be so much fascinating for your child and you will love it the most.

Games to Play with Kids at Camps:

Every year at summer camps you will have lots of time to spend with your child and it will be lot more fun. Each and every thing is a game in camp. These games include:

Chalk twister:

It is a type of indoor game in which chalk is used to draw your game pattern; it could be used at large scale in camp.

Games to play with toddlers:

Make them play with stuffed toys, pets and talking toys. Talking with your toddlers and answering to their sweet little questions is also a fun and you must do that.


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