10 Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Fun things to do with your girlfriend

It is every ones dream to spend time with their loved ones, and if talking about spending time with your life partner then definitely you must have lots of dreams about it. If you have a girlfriend and you want to be in her life forever then you having to take care of her feeling, you should know what her likes are and what are her dislikes, her favorite dress, favorite color and much more. Because caring a girls actually makes you her in her life and I guess every guy wants to be a hero in her girls life. So don’t get boring while using typical techniques to make your girl’s friend happy you should try to do fun things with your girlfriend. This article will help you find fun things to do with your girlfriend. Girls are very soft hearted their anger can melt with a simple rose, a candle light dinner or a bouquet of roses etc. all you have to do is give her little attention.

Fun Things To Do With Your Girlfriend

Prank call is the best idea:

Try to make prank call with her and enjoy that moment by simply annoying her in a cute way, make video of all that then show her it will make her happy, but be ready for her reaction then.

Well , no idea what to talk on that prank call? just click here and get plenty of ideas

Pillow fight:

It is one of the most romantic thing a couple could think of, having a pillow fight is so much fun but be careful girls are elegant so play carefully it should not hurt her.

Play video games together is so much fun:

Then play video games together and look who wins, or try to make her win. Such kind of gestures is always appreciated by girls and their response to such gestures is so cute that it will make your day. Don’t force her to play games of your choice or watch programs that you like. Respect her likes and dislikes it will make your life much easier.

Snow fight or skiing is also a good idea:

If its winter then you should plan fun things to do with your girlfriend outside. Plan any snow fight with her or any skiing, go to the best skiing resorts and bet with her this will make your life lot more exciting and eventually will increase your love for each other.

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Kite flying:

Girls love such kinds of events in which they have to help their boy, kite flying is one of them girls are not into it usually but love their man when he flies the kites.

Take her to movie or dinner:

If you feel your relation is getting bored and stagnant then to make it fresh plan a romantic dinner night or movie, or if you feel that she is frustrated or sad because of anything then you should know the fun things to do with your girlfriend when she is sad. Select her favorite vine and cuisine and then have a candle light dinner with her, crack some cute jokes with her to make her mood better and light.

Sometime amusement park is also a good idea:

Usually parks are for children and parents visit parks with their children, but if you feel your girlfriend is fun loving and love out door games then take her to such park and have a black. Enjoy crazy rides, gun shootings with her. Choose the cheesiest burger and together eat it. These little things make your love life much better.

Take your girls out for shopping:

This is every girl favorite no one will ever say no to it so grab your credit card and ride her to the best mall, choose dresses for her and have fun. Don’t ever use mobile while she shops as it looks like you are least interested I her activities.

World tour for your girlfriend:

Surprise her with tickets for world tour, take her the best countries and the most romantic ones e.g. France, Germany, Spain and many more these are few romantic things to do with your girlfriend which will make her fall for you.

Well, now you are over with our list of fun things to do with your girlfriend, its time to take action. Plan any activity from those mentioned in the list and enjoy your time.

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