The Five Major Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Hair loss is one of the most insidious afflictions that can happen to a man. We take a lot of pride in our hair, and we tend to take it very seriously when we start to lose the hair that we have. However, hair loss can be prevented by addressing its various causes. There are five main causes of hair loss in men. These causes are varying in their rate of occurrence but if you are a male that is losing hair, it will probably have been brought about by one of the following five causes.


Causes of Hair Loss in Men

  • Ringworm Infection: this is one of the causes of hair loss that is less prevalent than the others, but that does not mean that it should be taken any less seriously. A ringworm infection is essentially a fungal infection that occurs on the scalp. It is usually caused by poor hygiene maintenance. Although it is more prevalent in children, it can occur at any age. In order to prevent hair loss from a ringworm infection, it is highly recommended that you bathe regularly and shampoo your hair. Cleanliness is the only way to prevent this cause of hair loss.

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  • Medicine: There are a number of drugs that are used to treat various illnesses that can end up causing serious hair loss. The most obvious medicine that one would be able to think of would obviously be chemotherapy. There are a number of other medicines that cause hair loss as well. These medicines include drugs used to treat thyroid disorders, hormone altering drugs, anti-coagulants as well as a number of other drugs. If you experience hair loss, consult your doctor. There might be another option available to you that would not cause this problem.

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  • Nutritional Deficiencies: Your hair is just another part of your body, and just like every other part of your body it needs adequate nutrition in order to function and grow properly. If you are not getting the proper trace nutrients such as vitamins and minerals you might end up experiencing hair loss. One deficiency that could end up causing the most hair loss is anemia, which is a deficiency of iron. If you are experiencing hair loss, try getting yourself checked out. Chances are that a shortage of one nutrient or the other could be causing your hair loss and you can compensate for this deficiency in your diet. Here is a small guide to balanced food portions.
  • Stress: One of the most significant causes of hair loss is stress. This includes stress placed on your body as well as stress that is placed upon your mind. Physical stress includes the trauma of going through a major surgical operation. Psychological stress includes situations like going through a bad breakup, dealing with the loss of a loved one, or just having a hard time of it at work. Relaxation techniques and counseling can help you deal with stress, and once you are able to adequately deal with it you will be able to start growing hair normally again. In order to know the methods of stress reduction please click here.
  • Genetics: This is, by far, the most common among all causes of hair loss in men. If you have it in your genes, there is really nothing you can do to prevent it. However, what you can do is delay it, and you can do this by applying hair growth tonics and oils and by making sure that your diet is rich in protein, iron and vitamin B. You will be able to spend a good chunk of your life enjoying a full head of hair this way.

Above discussed are five of the major causes of hair loss in men, though there can be many but these play a vital role in this problem.


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