Dune Bashing in Dubai

Dubai is a very popular country usually visited by a lot of tourists all over the world. One of the major attractions in the country is its one of a kind desert. What comes to people’s mind when they hear the word desert is that it is an extreme environment where you will be scorched under the hot sun, feel very thirsty, and gives no fun at all. However, the country of Dubai turned this nightmare place into an extremely enjoyable place with their desert safari. One of the organized activities in the desert safari trip is dune bashing.

Desert Safari

Dune bashing is a kind of off-roading vehicle experience that is conducted on sand dunes. Usually a large sport utility vehicle is used for this road trip. One example of vehicle that is used for this activity is the Toyota Land Cruiser. Other kinds of vehicles especially the light weight ones are also used since they can fare better on the surface of the extremely soft sand dunes. The kind of vehicle provided depends on the company or tour providers where you have booked the safari trip. Companies like http://dubaisafariworld.com/ provide high quality vehicles that will make sure you fully enjoy the dune bashing experience.

The dune bashing experience package usually includes dune driving, sand boarding, and refreshments. The dune driving is the primary activity of the pack. This includes you being taken into the sand dunes of the Dubai desert which is only 30 to 45 minutes away from central Dubai. You can take pictures as the dune drive goes and make stops at selected places. However, you should prepare yourself for this experience as the road will be very bumpy. The downfall of this experience is that it does not accommodate infants, children 3 years old and below, and those who have specific medical conditions. You will then be taken into a specific sand dune where you can do sand boarding. Fortunately, refreshments are provided for you to quench your thirst and become refreshed again after these tiring activities.

You should note that dune bashing is an activity only for the morning Dubai safari provided by high quality companies like http://dubaisafariworld.com/early-morning-desert-safari-dubai/. It does not include camping, BBQ dinner, bar provisions, and watching belly dance performers since these activities are only for the night safari trip.

Now that you know the basics of the morning safari trips, you should try experiencing them. You will surely never regret spending some money on this one of a kind trip since it can give you memories of a lifetime.