5 Great Cloud Storage Services You Should Consider

Online storage is in the lead these days. There are various resources available online which help you save data more effectively. Mentioned below are the top 5 cloud storage services that you should consider while saving your data.

cloud storage services

5 Great Cloud Storage Services

Drop box is the most widely used storage resource used these days. This is the only app that offers best cloud storage services to clients for Linux and Blackberry rather than the usual windows or android operating systems. Drop box is absolutely free and only comes with a mere 2GB storage space in your device. This is actually huge if you want to store any documents but for media such as pictures or videos, this space will disappear fast.

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  • One drive:

One drive by Microsoft is a tempting offer for Windows users. It offers a free storage up to 15 GB. An additional 15 Gb will be added if you will link your camera roll to the service. However, you can get unlimited storage space if you sign up for Office 365. Isn’t it too good to be true? An amazing feature associated with one drive is that you can also remotely access your data through another PC via the One Drive website.

  • Google drive:

Google drive is at the heart of the unlimited services that Google offers these days. A 15 GB free storage space is added to your account as soon as you make a Google account or even make a link to an already existing google account. In fact, the best part is that you already have a Google drive account if you use Google or you tube or even Google calendar. If you live in the Google universe, then it is the great cloud storage services option to use.

  • Mega:

This is a New Zealand based company that started functioning years back. It encrypts your data. Anything that you send to the drive is encrypted locally, on its way and at the destination server as well. This encryption goes on throughout the process. This is done to ensure the safety of your data. The standard free package of Mega offers a grand 50 GB space which is sufficient enough for majority of the users. If this is insufficient for you, then you can increase the band width to 500 GB by paying 99 Euros a year or 2 TB for 199 Euros a year or even 4 TB for 299 Euros per year.

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  • pCloud:

pCloud offers a 10 GB free storage initially. This can be increased to 20 GB with basic tasks such as recommending it to friends or marketing it via social media or completing a tutorial on how to use pCloud. If you want to increase the cloud storage space even more, the options are available but you have to pay for it then. The payments are very reasonable as compared to other competitors of pCloud.  There is no file size restriction on pCloud. Anything can be uploaded on pCloud.

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