Cat or Dog? Which Makes a Better Pet?

The age-old argument between cat and dog lovers: which is the better pet? More importantly, what characteristics make the better pet? Let us analyze the various traits of both animals and conclude which of them is better.

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Cats are known for their independence and don’t-give-a-damn attitude. Dogs, on the other hand, are known to be some of the most loving animals who will literally drown you in their love with their excessive licking and climbing.

Cats are loyal to you and return affection in their own psychological way that is feminine in nature. They take time to form an emotional bond with you, they throw tantrums and fits of stubbornness but in the end, they become very affinitive and loving.

Dogs will return you love whether you give it to them or not. They will bark happily and wag their tales to show their love. For some people, this form of affection is somewhat intrusive and gross.


Let’s face it. Cats are great at being bossy and snobbish but when it comes to protecting their owner in dire times, they fail to rise up to the task. Cats cannot offer any form of protection to their owner, whether a burglary happens or someone breaks and enters your home.

Dogs are great at protecting their owners. More importantly, they are protective of their owner. At the slightest sign of threat, dogs shall begin barking and growling, warning their master of danger nearby or an impending threat. There are countless incidents where dogs have saved their masters’ lives.

House training.

Cats are easily trained to use the litter box, regardless of their age and breed. They conform to using the litter box and cover up their mess every time. Cats are generally known to be hygienic animals.

Dogs are a little bit difficult to train in the fact that they can only conform to potty training in their first few weeks of puppyhood. Once a puppy grows into a full-fledged dog, the littering habits set permanently and that can pose as a problem to those people who live in apartments.

Walking and feeding.

Cats do not tend to walk or be walked; they would rather laze around and sleep for 16 hours a day. They are generally known to be independent and relaxed in their lifestyle. Cats can survive best on processed can foods.

Dogs need a daily walk and constant exercise. They require your attention in terms of their fitness and their daily routine. If you don not take your dog on a walk, you will observe your dog being cranky. Dog food is readily available in the market; you just have to feed your dog thrice a day with it.


Understanding human interaction.

Cats have a limited vocabulary in terms of understanding human language. They may respond to their name being called or to a whistle.

Dogs can understand a vast array of language interpretations such as “Sit”, “stay”, “Good boy” etc.

The final verdict.

While cats are good companions in terms of the “fluff” factor, dogs are actually useful when it comes to life threatening situations. However, dogs need more attention as compared to cats. In the end, it all depends on you, the reader, to decide which one you want.

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