How to Build Trust in a Relationship

how to build trust in a relationshipA happy, healthy relationship is hard work.

Part of that hard work involves building trust.

But how do you build trust in a relationship?

Showing your support, being honest and making the relationship a priority are all ways in which we express that trust.

But it goes deeper than that.

It’s important to communicate openly your wants, needs and desires to your partner.

These conversations can be difficult which is why a lot of couples avoid having them.

However, as difficult as these conversations are, they’re important.

Understanding the other person by taking the time to listen to their needs is a big first step in moving forward.

Viewing it with an abundance mindset as opposed to a fixed one increases the likelihood that your relationship will grow into something deep and meaningful.

Here are a few ideas to help solidify the bonds between you and your significant other.

How to Build Trust in a Relationship

What You Say Matters

If you say you’ll be home at 6:30 to help cook dinner then be there.

Your partner needs to know that when you say something you mean it.

Saying you’ll do something goes a long way towards building trust.

Start with the small things like paying the phone bill on time, calling when running late or stopping at the market to pick up that bottle of wine.

They need to be able to rely on you.

These examples may seem harmless but it sets the tone for the ways you communicate with each other.

Honesty is important so be sure you’re always upfront and open about how you feel.

Keeping things hidden is a surefire way to eliminate the trust that you’ve been working so hard to establish.

If you want to be taken seriously, start by taking the relationship seriously.

Make it a priority to speak what’s on your mind in a loving and empathetic way.

Remove the guesswork from the relationship.

Your partner is not a mind reader.

There is only one way that they can be absolutely certain about how you’re feeling: tell them.

Even if it’s uncomfortable.

Believe In Each Other

Do you believe that your partner is capable of achieving the things they say they’re going to do?

If the answer is “no” then you need to address the issue(s) with your partner.

Let them know your reasons for feeling this way.

If you address it in a non-confrontational way it will go over a lot smoother.

Don’t be judgmental.

Be open and understanding.

Knowing that your partner supports you makes a huge impact on the success of the relationship.

Be their biggest cheerleader and let them know you’re there for them.

Much like the tango, it takes two to build trust.

Your partner should be working as hard as you are to establish it otherwise the relationship is one-sided.

Trusting your partner gives you the gift of being vulnerable.

Like exercise, vulnerability is a muscle that must be worked regularly.

Exercising vulnerability lets your insecurities out in the open where they can be addressed.

Perhaps your partner had a bad experience in a previous relationship that you didn’t know about.

Trust them until they give you a reason not to.

As humans, we have a tendency to think negative thoughts.

It’s hardwired into our DNA as a survival mechanism.

However, if you’re always thinking the bad then you’re not giving them the benefit of the doubt.

Give them a break.

Chances are there’s a perfectly logical explanation behind the situation you’re worrying about.

Define What The Relationship Means To You

Knowing where the relationship is headed is crucial if you want to build trust.

Do you want the same things?

Is it strictly a sexual relationship or is it something more?

How you value each other’s company is a great thing to discuss openly.

Are you just friends or is it something deeper?

You both see things differently and that includes the relationship.

Be certain you’re both on the same page.

It can be awkward if one person thinks it’s a “friends with benefits” situation and the other hears wedding bells every time you’re together.

Avoid texting or emailing important discussions and have them face to face instead.

It’s difficult trying to convey a deep, meaningful topic in your relationship with the use of emojis.

Show up and look your partner in the eye.

There’s nothing worse than sending a text and your partner misinterprets it from what you actually meant.

In person discussions are at the heart of practicing trust between you and your partner.


Knowing each other’s emotional patterns through numerous disagreements and make ups is how you learn about your partner.

It takes time.

Knowing what makes each other tick comes with practice.

You have to work on it every day.

Each relationship is different and both of you are bringing your unique experiences to the table.

Being mindful and understanding of each other’s needs paired with honest communication are key ingredients to building trust in any relationship.

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