10 Best Places To Have A Honeymoon

I always dreamt that I would marry in the Piazza Del Campo in Siena and go on my honeymoon down the Amazon, up the Nile, on a gallop through the pyramids, to Nepal and Kerala, on a safari and finally to Lake Titicaca in Peru. (Jasmine Guinness)

The honeymoon is the best time in the lives of a newly married couple. It is the time of love, passion and companionship. In short, it is all about knowing each other more. Sometimes we went black while choosing Places to have a honeymoon We have made a list of Best places to have a honeymoon for you guys.

Best Places To Have A Honeymoon

Best Places To Have A Honeymoon

Scroll down to choose you next honey moon destination.

  1. Sedona, Arizona.

If you want a little adventure in your honey moon, this may be the perfect place for you. This place has some amazing spa, wellness and outdoor adventure opportunities.

You can also book the inner quest which is a 60 minutes treatment.in this, you would get wrapped up in a blanket to copy the warmth of a sweat lodge.

  1. Palm springs, California:

This west coast destination has always been on the list of couples. It has a desert oasis as well which is a must place to visit. The mid-century modern master piece is to die for. In the 1940s this place attracted a lot of celebrity stars. Check in at the purple room which is one of the city’s original supper clubs.

  1. Whitehouse, Jamaica:

Jamaica is best known for its super luxurious yet affordable honeymoon packages which mean you can enjoy yourself without getting bankrupt.

Sandal white house is an excellent place to stay. If you are in Jamaica you should definitely tryout scuba diving.

  1. Québec City, Canada:

This city is no less than Paris. It is over loading with romantic cafes and fashionable boutiques. Try out Auberge Saint-Antoine to stay. Moreover, this place also has some amazing museums and tourist attractions.

  1. Buenos Aires, Argentina:

This place is Europe inside America. Do not forget to try out tango during your visit. This place is also famous for its old-fashioned yet classy hotels and resorts.

  1. Tulum, Mexico:

One of the Best places to go on your honeymoon is Mexico. It is the home of the famous ancient Mayan village and do not forget its amazing beaches. Take your partner to see the pre-Columbian Maya walled city.

  1. Nantucket, Massachusetts:

This is basically an island which is an excellent place to visit in summers. It is blessed with some of the most exotic beaches of the world. To have some extra fun trying booking a seal cruise or whale watching excursion.

  1. Palawan, Philippines:

The gorgeous waterscapes and tropical beauty speak for themselves. Kayak the Puerto Princesa which is one of the wonders of the world.

  1. Vieques, Puerto Rico:

If you guys are looking for a quiet and relaxing place then this is the right place for you. The design hotel El Blok is an excellent choice to stay. Check out the natural neon show at Puerto mosquito. Each gallon of water holds more than 700,000 bioluminescent tiny animals.

  1. LA:

If you guys are fond of glamor and parties then Los Angeles may the place for you. The place has some of the most places in America along with top notch bars, casinos 

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