10 Must Watch Best Animated Movies

You do not have to be a kid to watch animated movies. Trust me the fun and entertainment you get while watching animated movies is incomparable to other action or thrill movies. Recently animated movies have gained much popularity. Well what a movie needs to be hit? Is it the great story line? Or is it the costumes or is it the location? Well no if a movie does not appeal to your eyes you won’t bother looking at it no matter how much publicity it has gained over the screens. It would not be wrong to day that not only kids but the adults are equally in love with such movies. Many best animated movies are released over the past few years but few of them will always remain lifetime favorite movies. The list might be too tall but we have picked up some of the top favorite animated movies which are as follows:

Best Animated Movies

Best Animated Movies

(writer’s opinion)

  • Frozen
  • Toy story
  • Finding nemo
  • How to train your dragon
  • Shrek
  • Lion king
  • Tangled
  • Minions
  • Kung Fu Panda
  • Up Brave

It might take number of pages to write down all the top and best animated movies.


Frozen is a tale of two sisters and one handsome prince and their perpetual journey to save their kingdom. This is indeed a worth watching animated movie. Everything from graphics to costumes to the action everything is superb. This animated movie has made many fans specially the braid made by the Elsa and Anna are trending over the social media sites.


This cute little green creature is simply love. The story is very catchy where the Shrek withdraws the deal with the prince Fraquaad and sets on a journey to save Princess Fiona. In this rescuing somewhere Shrek fell in love with the Princess but a spell changes the life of both the characters.

Kung Fu Panda

Before kung Fu panda there was no such movie that gained so much hype. The endearing panda martial art was worth watching. The story is all about a fat panda who accidently becomes a Kung FU master. The struggle it did while mastering the skills are exceptional. The kids are waiting anxiously about another phenomenal part of this movie.


2015 was all about minions. It seems like minions won millions of heart of the kids. Kids were so in love with the movie that they were seen wearing minions clothes, shoes, bags and watches. Even the market was full of minion accessories. These teeny creatures that were evolved from a single yellow cell looks similar. The movie is all about finding an evil master for the comrades to follow.


Up was a very sweet and cute movie. The story of an old man who so loved his how then he tied thousands of balloons with the house and carried it everywhere he goes. These are some of the top and good animated movies to watch.