10 Best Android Apps For Students

Today is the age of internet and technology. Smart phones have made our lives easier. Almost every student has an android phone is his hand. Good thing is that android phones do not only provide entertainment apps but also apps for studying. Industry has created so many android apps for students and with the passage of time more and more are popping up in the market.

android apps for students

Below, We have enlisted 10 best android apps for students, this list is based upon our experience and collection of data from various online sources.

Best Android Apps For Students

  1. Any.do

Any do helps you to organize your daily tasks. It is excellent for students who want a to do list on their phone. Great thing is that it can synchronize with other apps so you can access data from any device. You can type your tasks or you can record your voice for tasks as well. You can also change the priority of tasks. Give a little shake to your phone to remove all the complete task. Isn’t fun? So add this app on your home screen today.

  1. Mailbox:

If you are one of those people who find it difficult to manage their mail box then this app is for you. Download mailbox and relax. Easy commands will help you to clear your inbox in a jiffy. Set reminders and achieve your mail. You can use several mails at the same time.

  1. Dropbox:

Losing notes can be the worst nightmare in student life. With drop box, you are able to upload different files like notes and video in a cloud. You can use them anywhere anytime whenever you want. All you need is an internet connection.

With this storage app, you can also share the files with your friends and teachers.

  1. Scribd:

It is the biggest library online. It helps the students to find millions of documents and books which can be helpful to them. You can easily organize the books according to their categories. You can also create your own library with different notes and books.

  1. CliffsNotes

This one is the best Android apps for students. It is awesome for literature students. It gives you information about characters, plot, theme and also the summary of different books.

  1. Math way:

As the name suggests, math way is designed for math students. It offers step by step guide for algebra, geometry etc. just enter your problems and voila! Your work is done.

  1. EasyBib:

The most difficult job while writing a journal or research article is the citation. If you are a research student then this is the app for you. Just enter the book name and find the right citation in no time. you can copy this citation to your bibliography.

  1. Studious:

If you are a student who always forgets the time and date for tests and assignments then do not worry now because this app will save you. Just enter all the relevant information on this app and it will remind you of the stuff like a friend.

  1. Dictionary.com:

If you are required to read many books in your school then this app will help you to understand words. It also allows you to see the words other are searching for.

  1. Self-Control:

Students always get distracted easily. Social media won’t allow them to concentrate. To avoid this unwanted distraction, this app is here. It blocks the website which won’t allow you to study.

Our list of best smartphone apps to help students ends here, your feedback is no doubt a motivation to bring more and more for you.



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