Android Apps To Stay In Touch With Your Love While Traveling

Relationships require attention, without which they fall in danger and even end. It is necessary to give attention to your partner. But what if you go away from them for some time due to some work or any other reason? Today we are going to focus upon the top apps to keep you in touch with your love when you are traveling.

Apps For Lovers


Facebook lets you get an update over your love at any time. You just need to have an internet connection to connect with others on Facebook. Facebook now also offers the video and audio call feature and that too for free. Just open the Facebook app from your mobile or open the website from your computer to get in touch with your love.
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Whatsapp is a good messaging and calling app. Tell your love to make a free account on this service and get unlimited hours of texting and chatting with them. You can call anyone from anywhere and can also share images and videos with them. You can also send a recorded message to your love in case they are not online.


Skype is the king of all online communication apps. It is the most reliable method for online communication over the internet. The calls from Skype to Skype network are free but if you call on a number other than Skype, then you would need to pay for it. The video quality is good and the apps UI is simple. The Skype app is available on the google play store.


Viber is also another platform for online messaging and calling. The app works best over 3G/4G mobile networks and Wifi. This application is light on your phone’s battery and do not suck up your battery’s charge. One of the best things about Viber is that it is also a very good location finder. You can share your location with your other friends as well so that they can help you out in need. For example when you are stuck in an unfamiliar town, you can send your locations to your friends there and they will come for you or guide you through the place.


Line is another social media app like Viber. Line allows its users to send texts to other friends like any other social media network. You can share videos, pictures and even recorded voice messages with your love. Line has more than 300 million users, so there is no issue in terms of reliability. The app includes a timeline feature by using which you can post anything including your location with others. Line also features many fancy features such as photo stickers that are available from default. You can also search the store and download other sticker packs from the different categories.