Am I In An Abusive Relationship? 10 Signs

Relationship is all about love and care, it should make you even better then you were without that person. In any kind of relationship both partners should respect each other, their privacy their social life everything. But now days it doesn’t happens people don’t respect each other and don’t give importance to their relations, and this is the sole reason of high divorce rate and brake ups now days. Nothing damages your confidence and self-esteem more than your emotional disturbance, even physical abuse can be tolerated but the after effects of emotional abusiveness has any limits. In the case of emotional abuse both the effectee and the one doing such abuse are unaware of the drastic side effects that will come out and destroy that person. So if you are in any kind of relationship you should always question yourself am I in an abusive relationship or not, no one can take you out from this torture but only you yourself.

Am i in an abusive relationship

Am I In An Abusive Relationship? 10 Signs


Start noticing the signs which will answer your question of Am I In An Abusive Relationship?:

Making fun in front of people:

The first sign of such relation will be the other person will humiliate you in front of your friends or family will make your weak points prominent and will make fun of them. Don’t ever ignore such signs and snub these in the very beginning.

The question you should ask to yourself here that what can I do if I am in an abusive relationship, the only answer to this question is try to leave that person at the very first place but if you can’t do that then try to make him realize about his/her mistake.

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Your idea has no value:

The sign of such people is they never give any importance to your ideas and decisions, they take you for granted.

Such people always try to treat you like a child and will correct you at every step:

This is so embracing for an adult mature person to be treated like a mere child, this behaviors show that your partner thing you have no worth or importance you have zero intellectually so you should be corrected at every other step.

They will force to take permission for every step:

In relations it is sign of respect that you seek permission before doing anything, but it is for those steps or decision which are big and will affect future of both of you, but if you feel that your partner forces you to take permission of even the minor thing then you should know there is something wrong, e.g. if you have to take permission before going for shopping, before going for your work etc.

They keep a close eye on how you spend:

This is again necessary that you both know that saving money is compulsory and it will secure you future but if you notice that your partner is stingier in your care then it means he is trying to abuse you emotionally and you should better talk about it.

They always blame you for things you never did:

Good partners are those who face any problem together and instead of blaming each other try to solve it together, but if you feel your partner is continuously panting you for things you never did wrong and humiliating you on it then he is abusing you, you should not tolerate such non sense and should react for such behavior in mature way.

This article will help you answer your question how do I know I am in an abusive relationship.

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