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In this book, we deep dive into the opposite sex to see if we can understand how to approach them and say the right things. Whether you’re still new to the idea of talking to girls or you’re looking to get more comfortable with it, this guide is here to help.

The Ultimate Guide to Talking to Girls

Excerpt #1: Even seemingly innocuous things like “girls love compliments” can be misleading and open you up to fail. What kind of compliments does this particular girl like? Will she take them in stride or will she think that you’re just another creep? If you don’t know this information, then you could be putting yourself in a bad situation by assuming that “all girls love compliments.”

Excerpt #2: Ultimately, once you have reached the serious phase of your relationship, you should both know it instinctively. We believe that this stage is marked by comfort and familiarity with each other that has manifested into being with each other without having to put effort into it.

The best way that we can think about defining a “serious” relationship is when your lives start to merge.

Excerpt #3: She doesn’t always say what she means. You can’t afford to take everything she says at face value. Many times, there is a lot of subtext that has to be inferred and addressed.

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