7 Ways to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

ways to make long distance relationships workTime to discuss some ways to make long distance relationships work. When you’re in a relationship, spending time together is essential. Whether it’s going out on dates or snuggling up with each other on the couch, physical interaction is a necessary part of any relationship.

Unfortunately, many couples are forced to spend time apart from each other due to long distance relationships. Perhaps you met online and you don’t live in the same area, or you had to move away for some reason (i.e., work).

For the most part, the distance between couples can be a killer. Not being able to spend quality time together, coupled with the fact that you don’t get the physical interaction, means that you’re facing an uphill battle.

That being said, we want to provide you with a handy list of seven tips that will make this experience much more accessible for both you and your significant other. While we can’t promise that maintaining a long distance relationship will be easy, we can say that it’s manageable.

7 Ways to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

#1 Be Clear About Your Expectations

Usually, one of the primary reasons that these kinds of relationships fail is that both people are not on the same page regarding time and commitment. One of you believes that constant contact is essential, while the other feels that calling once or twice a week is all it takes.

Thus, before you go too deep down the rabbit hole, it’s imperative that you have an open discussion of what you want to have happen. Let your partner know things like how often you should call, what kinds of messages are most appreciated, and what you want from him or her.

By establishing ground rules for your relationship, it’s much easier for both of you to stay committed to each other. Since communication is much more crucial for these kinds of relationships, you have to start on the right foot.

#2 Mix Up Communication Methods

While calling is great for a lot of reasons, it doesn’t provide all of the necessary contact you need for romance. As such, you should use a variety of mediums to communicate with each other, from texting to letter-writing and video calling.

By utilizing a variety of methods, you can ensure that your love for each other is expressed in the right way. Sometimes, a “good morning” text means more than an hour-long phone chat. Similarly, a Skype session can be more rewarding than a text conversation.

#3 Don’t Be Clingy

Since you’re physically separated from your partner, there is a certain amount of independence built into your relationship. As such, clinginess is both unnecessary and destructive to the process. Overall, you can only get involved in your partner’s life so much in this situation, so don’t try to do more than is possible.

Instead, recognize the value that comes from the time you do share together and use it to your advantage. Since you can’t spend more time with each other, make sure that you cherish the moments you have, even if they are relatively few and far between.

#4 Do Things Together

Talking on the phone is excellent, but it can get old after awhile. Part of the problem is that you have to make time to sit and talk, meaning that you have to put other activities on hold. Thankfully, these days there are more ways to communicate than ever, and smartphones allow you to bring each other along for events much more easily.

Thus, you should get creative and find things that you can do together, even though you’re apart. Go out to dinner and video chat during the meal. Go see a movie around the same time and then talk about it afterward. Bring your SO along when you go out so that you can feel as if they are part of the experience.

Not only will this make it easier to keep in touch, but it will enable you to get closer and bond. Even though you’re still missing the physical connection, doing things together will make it less apparent.

#5 Be Honest

Even when couples can spend every day by each other’s side, distance can grow between them without hesitation. In long distance relationships, you have to work harder to ensure that that doesn’t happen.

If it feels like your partner is slipping away, bring it up the next time you chat. Even though it might seem like a stressful conversation to have, it’s necessary if you’re going to get through it. Maintaining the relationship takes even more commitment, so it’s imperative that you update each other and let the other know what you feel on a regular basis.

#6 Visit Each Other Whenever Possible

Depending on how far away you are, visits may be few and far between. However, they are also necessary if you plan on making this a long-term thing. Even just a couple of days can make the relationship stronger and more capable of weathering the struggles that you face.

Another thing to remember is that you don’t always have to visit each other where you live. Instead, you can plan a vacation to a destination you both wish to see. This will not only make the trip more exciting, but it allows you to expand your travel beyond your respective locations.

#7 Get Naughty From Time to Time

One of the most essential elements of any romantic relationship is intimacy. However, you can’t experience it when you live so far apart. However, there are creative ways that you can add some spice to your life, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Phone sex, dirty texts, and other naughty suggestions can help you keep the romance alive and ensure that your relationship can go the distance. When you’re able to fulfill all of your needs and desires with each other, it strengthens your bond and reduces the chances of trying to find it with someone else.

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