35 Cute Pickup Lines for Your Girlfriend

pickup lines for your girlfriendThere are a lot of great things about having a girlfriend, but one of the best ones is that you can continue to woo and tease her even after you get together.

Most girls appreciate a little humor and ball-busting from time to time, which means that if you are a guy who likes to make bad jokes or give her a hard time, then you can do so without risking your relationship. So, naturally, this can result in you using pickup lines on your girlfriend.

Why Pickup Lines for Your Girlfriend?

While most people think of pickup lines as corny ways to meet (and get rejected by) girls, the fact is that once you have a girlfriend, now you can use them with impunity. As long as you aren’t too gross or vulgar, these lines should have the ability to make her laugh and show her what kind of a goofy, affectionate guy you are.

So, with that in mind, most of these lines are not designed to grab her attention, but rather show her either how silly you can be or how much you want to be with her. For the most part, you get extra points for creativity, so feel free to come up with your own to whip out at parties or whenever you two meet up for dinner.

The Key to a Good Pickup Line

Overall, the point you want to get across is that you’re adorable without being overly forward or creepy. Even though she’s your girlfriend it doesn’t mean that you can be nasty or rude, so don’t try lines like “I’m a doctor, and I think you need some vitamin D inside you.” (unless, of course, that’s the way you two roll…)

That being said, it will ultimately depend on how strong your relationship is and how she reacts to such things. If she plays along and says some cheesy comeback, then you might be a match made in heaven. In fact, if she starts saying these to you, then you might want to put a ring on it because girls like that are hard to find. 

Top 35 Pickup Lines for your Girlfriend:

  1. Do you have any water? Cuz you are on fire and I need to put you out.
  2. Damn, Girl, you’re turning this room into the Sahara with your hotness!
  3. You’re making me a bit hot under the collar, do you mind if I take off my shirt?
  4. Are those clothes flame retardant? Because you are smoking hot!
  5. If I were Frosty the Snowman, I’d just be a hat in a puddle next to you.
  6. You’re making me thirsty, can you buy me a drink?
  7. Do you like jalapeños? Because I want to get jalapeños pants!
  8. You’re like a smooth drag from a menthol cigarette; refreshingly addictive.
  9. You must be a wifi router because I am feeling a connection.
  10. You must be a nun because you just answered my prayers.
  1. I may not be a photographer, but I can picture us together.
  2. Are you the sun? Because you light up my life.
  3. Are you a baker? Because you’re a cutie-pie.
  4. If your eyes were any more brilliant, I would go blind.
  5. Is there a lifeguard around? Because I’m drowning in your beauty.
  6. I won’t say that you’re making me horny, but I do like to trombone.
  7. Girl, you’re like a library book because I keep checking you out.
  8. Are you a DMV instructor? Because you’re driving me crazy.
  9. Are you the line at the DMV? Because I’d wait all day to get a number.
  10. Are you a bag of skittles? Because I’m in the mood to taste the rainbow.
  1. Are you a bag of M&M’s? Because I’d like to melt in your mouth.
  2. Are you a twenty-degree angle? Because you’re acute.
  3. If your eyes were diamonds, they would be worth millions.
  4. If I had a dollar for every time I thought of you, I’d be rich.
  5. Are you a skull? Because you’re always on my mind.
  6. I believe you just sat in some sugar because your tush is so sweet.
  7. Can I give you a kiss? (Hand her a Hershey’s Kiss)
  8. Girl, you’re like a set of dentures at bedtime because I’m going to take you out.
  9. Are you a Magic Eye painting? Because I can’t stop staring at you.
  10. Girl, you must suffer from Hereditary Onset Trickle-itis, because you are H-O-T.
  1. If you were a fruit, you would be fine-apple.
  2. They say that saccharine is the sweetest substance, but I think you’re even sweeter.
  3. If I were to follow my dreams, then I would wind up right here next to you.
  4. If you were a Sharpie, you would be ultra fine.
  5. Girl, I think we’re mixing hydrogen peroxide in an aqueous solution because that’s chemistry.

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