20 Activities to Test Your Compatibility

test your compatibilityWhen it comes to dating, most of us think with our eyes and our hormones before anything. While this can lead to some steamy situations, rarely does it result in something more significant than a passionate and limited romance.

So, if you’re looking for a relationship that can last more than a few weeks, then compatibility will be your strongest asset. While attraction and lust are important factors in any intimate coupling, what will maintain your relationship are things that make you enjoy each other’s company.

Simply put, the more you get along with your partner, the higher chance of long-term success. Let’s take a look at twenty different ways you can test your compatibility so that you can be sure that things are going to keep moving forward.

As a side note, it’s also important that you keep your partner in the loop about this too. If you’re testing your compatibility without informing him or her, then you are limiting your results, and you might wind up thinking things are going great when they actually aren’t. Communication is a cornerstone of any relationship, so don’t keep this a secret.

How Do You Test Your Compatibility With Each Other?

This may seem like something that’s obvious, but most people don’t truly understand how you can test your relationship in a healthy and proactive way that will ensure you are both meant for each other.

For most people, compatibility means that you like doing the same kinds of things, but that doesn’t always mean you are both on the same page. In fact, if you share similar interests but are somewhat obsessive about how things are “supposed” to go in any given situation, then you might not be compatible at all even though you do the same stuff together.

Instead, what you need to test is how well you can work together to solve problems and get through situations. For example, if both of your are “alpha” personalities then you might clash on a constant basis, which can lead to resentment or bitterness over time. In this instance, compatibility will be that one of you will know when to yield or you can both use your powers of persuasion to achieve a common goal rather than fight over who gets the final say.

There is a reality tv show called The Amazing Race. The show pitted teams of 2 to race around the globe solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles with the objective of arriving first to a destination. Now, not all 2-person teams were couples but for those that were, it was obvious to the audience which pair were compatible.

In the end, the best way to test your compatibility is to put yourselves into situations that could potentially lead to fights or arguments and see how you come out on the other side. This is again why we said that you should keep your partner in the loop as these activities might ruffle a few feathers. Nonetheless, if you can make it through without wanting to kill each other or break up, then you might just be perfect for each other.

So, without further ado, here are 20 activities that will test your compatibility with your partner.

#1 Play a Board Game: bonus points if it’s something that you both are super competitive at, like Monopoly.

#2 Plan an Activity Together: if you really want to see how you work together, make it something that one of you prefers more than the other.

#3 Take a Long Drive: our driving habits can usually drive our partners crazy, so the longer the ride is, the more damage it can do. See what happens.

#4 Wait in Line Together: whether it’s at the DMV or a theme park, your patience will wear thin, and you’ll see how you can handle each other afterward.

#5 Join Something as a Couple: perhaps it’s a gym membership or something a little less intense. Joining as a couple means that you have to agree to terms with each other, and you’ll be bound by a contract.

#6 Build Something: maybe it’s a desk from IKEA or a birdhouse that you made from scratch. One will invariably be in charge of instructions while the other screws and bolts, so figure out who will be who.

#7 Get Drunk Together: when your guard is down, you will reveal a side of yourself that your partner may not see very often.

#8 Hang Out With Your Partner’s Friends: this will show you how he or she acts around other people.

#9 Plan a Vacation: even if you don’t take it, the planning process will reveal a lot about each other.

#10 Organize or Plan a Party: best of all, make it for someone else so that you aren’t directly benefiting from it.

#11 Volunteer Together: this will make it seem like you’re working together, which will test your compatibility instantly.

#12 Make a Budget: have it for both of you and then stick to it.

#13 Watch Each Other’s Favorite Movie: bonus points if you both have the same one.

#14 Go on a Scavenger Hunt: this is best when done with friends, but make sure that you have to work together to get the prizes.

#15 Compete in Sports: it could be a one-on-one basketball game or a round of golf, but make sure that you’re against each other on the scoreboard.

#16 Make Last Minute Dinner Plans: best of all, do it when you’re both starving so that you can ensure that your emotions are real.

#17 Plan Something for Your Partner’s Family: this can be a dangerous game, but if you know the family well enough then you should be able to handle it on your own. But don’t get input from your partner if possible.

#18 Do a Puzzle: there are two types of puzzle people; those who start from the edges and those who are wrong. Which one are you?

#19 Spend Time Apart: this may seem counterintuitive, but if you wind up missing your partner more afterward, then it could be a great sign of compatibility.

#20 Take a Vacation Together: you never really know someone until you’ve lived with them, even if it’s over a weekend. This will test your relationship more than anything else.

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